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Welcome to HTML5, where you can find all the latest free online games! Choose from thousands of popular games directly in your browser and enjoy the fun! You can enjoy the most-played games in your browser, no downloads required! Join our community! Single player or multiplayer? That's your choice!

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You can play HTML5 games every time. Relax with simple jigsaw puzzles like Wordscape or take part in a shooting battle in Funny Shooter 2! Check out some of our most popular games. 

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The core technology that makes HTML5 games accessible is a combination of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and JavaScript. HTML5 games, or JavaScript games, are moving to the forefront because they allow play directly in browsers without the need for any third-party plugins. HTML5 games have also improved to support complicated 2D and 3D games right in a browser. For its advantages, it has now replaced Flash and Unity.

HTML5 supplies all the latest and selected free games. Forget about intermittent downloads! You can now play your favorite game instantly on any device and whenever you want. We've got you categories with thousands of popular games of many genres, along with tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for each of them.